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Educational Outreach Program

Awesome, simply awesome! My students and staff all loved the music and we all learned something. You and your fellow brass members were great! Thank you so much for the wonderful and fun learning experience.   Jane Hlad, Belleview HS

More than ever before, teachers scramble to give students opportunities to experience success in the arts and humanities. Now, many states require assessment of the Arts and Humanities units based on national educational standards. Four of the components of the National Standards for the Arts are: listening to music, music analysis, describing music, and evaluating music and musical performances.

As performers, clinicians, and teachers, the members of the Queen City Brass Quintet promise to provide performances and lessons that will help students meet the guidelines for the Arts and Humanities core content requirements.

Here are just a few examples of Queen City BrassQuintet's education outreach programs and master classes:

Gershwin and All That Jazz We'll perform a medley of music by George Gershwin and other jazz composers. We'll intersperse the performance with discussion of musical terms such as syncopation, improvisation and blues notes, and talk about the powerful influence of African and African-American music on the jazz idiom.

Go For Baroque We'll perform selections by Baroque composers Vivaldi and Corelli, along with a discussion of the identifying traits of Baroque music. We'll discuss the music's importance to the social structure of the Baroque era, and how society influenced Baroque composers.

It's Instrumental In conjunction with performance of different styles of music, we'll demonstrate how pitch is produced in each of the brass instruments in the quintet. We'll explain terms such as embouchure, lip-buzzing, valves, slides, mutes, tubing length and timbre. We'll talk about the various instrument families of the orchestra, and explain how the length and size of all orchestral instruments determines pitch.

John Williams, Super-Composer! We'll perform music by TV and movie soundtrack composers Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible), Monty Norman (James Bond Theme), Henry Mancini (Pink Panther), and ending with selections from John Williams, and discuss the elements of music that help to convey a variety of emotions such as excitement, happiness, grief and fear.

An All-American Sampler We'll perform several familiar patriotic tunes as well as music by American composers, and demonstrate the musical elements of rhythm, melody, form, timbre, harmony, tempo, meter and dynamics.

All of our education programs are designed to introduce students to the elements of music performance, and give them a taste of our musical cultural heritage. And of course, we hope to tantalize them with the finest of brass music performances! For more information contact us here.

The Queen City Brass Quintet
Cincinnati, Ohio

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